How We Work - Our Process - Careers Service

GoUni Career Service Packages are therefore designed specifically for international and local students to tackle this. You will be allocated your personal coach who will take attentive care in every stage of your job application: from preparing your CV and cover letter up to the UK standard including, but not limited to, a number of techniques and tactics ready to be given in the coaching sessions about vacancy sourcing to work visa sessions all in one stop



Assess your profile, skills, strengths and weaknesses


GoUni Advisors

Guide and instruct you on how to find opportunities related to your field


Support & Guidance

Support and guidance on Application / recruitment process...

  • Application form support
  • CV creation
  • Cover Letter creation
  • Guidance on recruitment Structure & Process

Training & Coaching

Training and coaching applicants on how to improve their interview techniques


Accepting an offer

Helping applicants to reach the stage of receiving an offer from a UK employer


Enjoy work experience in the UK!