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Been there done that! We truly understand your worry and have been through all the hassle before. GoUni offers a range of packages to make sure that your needs will be served with the most suitable services to the fullest extent! With personal assistant assigned specifically for you, you will never need to be worried about getting lost!



There is no better and faster way to learn English than taking yourself into a total English environment that allows us to speak in real life. Students will also learn about the culture and way of life of foreign countries, make friends from around the world.


SCHOOL & COLLEGE Applications

From the age of 14, international students can come to study what is so called ‘High School’ in the UK's Schools and Colleges. Students can study GCSE, A-Level, BTEC or Foundation Studies in various subjects, preparing them with skills and knowledge for University.


UNIVERSITY Applications

The UK traditionally offers 3-Year Undergraduate Degrees and 1 Year Masters programmes. If you are an international student who did only 12 years high school, foundation courses and International Year One can be your options.



Looking for working experience in a world’s leading country like the UK? Let the professional expertise sharpen you to become an ideal candidate and assist you to find and apply for jobs in the UK!

This is suitable for both undergraduate students who look for internship during term break and graduate students who look for internship or full-time jobs after