Every year more than 600,000 of overseas students will graduate from universities, education background has become the basic requirement and job experience will make each graduate stand out.

GoUni Career Service, ‘one-stop’ service is designed to solve all the problems and maximise your chance of success. From the experience of the UK career expertise, finding postgraduate jobs for international students in the UK has become more complicated, but not impossible if you know how.

Open yourself up for a better career and worthwhile life experience in the UK.
Let us take care of you!

GoUni Career Service Packages are therefore designed specifically for international and local students to tackle this. You will be allocated your personal coach who will take attentive care in every stage of your job application: from preparing your CV and cover letter up to the UK standard including, but not limited to, a number of techniques and tactics ready to be given in the coaching sessions about vacancy sourcing to work visa sessions all in one stop



Career plan for more then 10 years

One to one tutorship from experienced professors


  • To gain that invaluable edge and stand out in the job market, choosing appropriate internship suit for your study is what you need to reach your career target.
100% Success Rate *


  • GoUni Career Service makes it easier for international students like you to secure a job offer in UK, including job sourcing eligible for work visa and job application training, let GoUni Career Service take care of everything.
  • 100% guaranteed to find opportunities with Tier 2 employers
  • 100% guaranteed to learn step-by-step process for VISA sponsorship
100% of our students get to the interview stage *

0ver 90% of our students receive offers for sponsorship *

Students will have a range of packages to choose from to best suit your situation, whether you are an undergraduate who looks for internship opportunity or a graduate who look for the a full-time vacancy.

* Remark: Subject to passing the initial consultation with career consultants and full commitment to the service requirements.