Student Residence

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Student Residence is similar to apartment, consisting of the a few common characteristics.

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There would normally be a reception counter located on G floor for students to contact with the staff regarding their living. The Laundromats are usually provided as well as communal room, which usually equipped with sofa and games station. Some accommodation may even offer gym or pool.

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The residence area will be located on the upper floors. Each floor consists of bedrooms, communal bathrooms and kitchen. In general, student residence can be operated as part of university halls or private accommodation, which have a couple differences.

Features of student residence provided by university (University halls)

  • Located within or nearby university’s campus. Very convenient to travel
  • Taken care of by the university’s staff or staff who are particularly assigned by universities
  • In most cases, cheaper than private accommodation
  • All other tenants would be student fellows from the same university

Features of student residence provided by private (Private accommodation)

  • In most cases, located outside (but nearby) university’s campus
  • Taken care of by particular private company and have 24 hours security
  • More expensive, but more modern and clean as the maintenance level is higher
  • Tenants could be student fellows from various universities

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Good things about staying in student residence

  • Higher privacy than living with host family
  • Making you learn to be responsible for your own living!
  • More opportunity to meet new friends than living with host family
  • Less restriction of in and out time

Room types

1. Single bedroom, shared bathroom

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Single bedroom occupied by individual tenant; consisting of a single bed, a closet, a study table, a bookshelf, and lamp for example.

Plus point: Low cost. Suitable for those with limited budget

Drawback: Small room and bed size. Bathroom and kitchen must be shared with other tenants on the same floor (approximately 5-10 people)

2. Twin bedroom, shared bathroom

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Bedroom for two, with same facilities as the single bedroom type but twice the amount.

Plus point: Low cost. Suitable for those with limited budget who have partners Drawback: Lose some privacy

3. En-suite Room

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Standard size bedroom, consisting of the same standard facilities as mentioned above. However, En-suite will come with private bathroom attached within the room; including the facilities such as shower, sink, and toilet.

Plus point: Bigger room size

Drawback: Kitchen still needs to be shared with other tenants

4. Studio

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Overall features are similar to en-suite room. However, studio room is more special as it also includes kitchen corner, a fridge, an oven, stoves, and washing sink for example. This therefore makes studio room bigger than the others.

Plus point: High privacy and all activities can be done within the room

Drawback: The inclusive kitchen can be very smelly when cooking. The room is sometimes too small to handle such cooking smell.

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What you should or shouldn’t do in student residence

Students should always be considerate and respect other tenant by:

  • Not shouting or making too loud noise that could disturb others
  • Not smoking inside the building
  • Making sure all doors are closed and locked properly when entering or leaving the building, to prevent any burglary.

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