Tips for preparing your Bank Account for Tier4 visa

icon-time 14 October 2015
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Many international students get worried when it comes to visa application. With bitter but crucial documents prep process and the stress that if the visa have been rejected. But let me tell you that to be fully prepared is not that demanding. Here are some tips on how you should have your bank statement ready.


basic guidelines
  1. The total amount must cover all the expenses for student throughout the first year period.
  2. The amount must be deposited in the account for no later than 28 days prior the visa application.
  3. The bank account must be under the name of the student, a parent (father or mother),or a combination of the student with another person.
  4. It has to be a savings account / fixed monthly only.
  5. The bank must issued the statement letter in Pound (£) currency.
What is the minimum requirement?  The total amount of money can be divided into 2 parts:   

1.Tuition fees.

For university levels, the amount of money needed is the tuition fees for the 1st year. 
For pre-sessional levels or english language school level, you’ll need to show that you are fully covered for the whole course. In the case of obtaining an unconditional offer from the university but you are also taking the pre-sessional course, you'll need to combine both fees for the total amount,

2. Living expenses

Your account must shown the living expenses of £1020 per month if you are spending more than half of your study time in central London; or  £820 per month if you are spending more than half of your study time in the outer-skirt of London 

If you have an unconditional offer from university, you only need to have 9 months of the living expenses (not necessarily up to 1 year)

Note: if you've already paid your tuition fees or accommodation, the amount paid can be deduced from the total amount. 


For example, calculating the amount 

1. Mr. A is going to study a master degree at University in Central london (zone 1) The  tuition fees is £ 15,000 per year. The money that Mr. A must prepared is £15,000 + (£1,020 x 9months) = £24,180. But Mr. A already paid for the deposit of £1,000, so the total amount that Mr.A need on his bank statement is : £24,180 - £1,000 = £23,180 

2. Mr. B is going to study English pre-sessional at the University of Manchester. The course lasts 3 months with tuition fees of £4,000. The total amount that Mr. B must prepare is £4,000 + (£820 x 3 months) = £6,460. However, Mr. B has already paid off the full amount of his tuition fees to the language school. Therefore, the actual amount that Mr. B needs to prepare is 820 x 3 = £2,460 only.   

3. Mr. C is going to study a master degree at the University in London zone. 4. The tuition fees is £12,000 per year. Mr C has an unconditional offer but he wants to study the pre-sessional language course of 2 months prior the master degree. The 2 months pre-sessional course costs £2,000. Therefore the total amount that Mr. C must prepared is £12,000 + £2,000 + (£820 x 9 months ) = £21,380. However, Mr. C paid the £3,000 deposit for his master degree course, £1,000 for his accommodation and £400 for his pre-sessional course. The amount that Mr. C must posted in the figure are as follows: Master degree tuition fees £12,000 - £3,000 =  £9,000 Pre sessional course £2,000 - £1,000 = £1,000  Living costs (£820 x 9 months )-400 = £6,980. Therefore, the minimum amount that Mr. C must deposited is £9,000 + £1,000 + £6,980 = £16,980.   

Time is also important!  

The following tables are the example of how the bank statement should look like. Assuming that the total amount needed is £20,000 

Example 1


has £20,000 in the account for more than 28 days

Example 2


has £20,000 in the account for more than 28 days

Example 3


has £18,000 in the account for more than 28 days (This one is inapplicable)

Example 4


has £17,000 in the account for more than 28 days (This one is inapplicable)

Tips 3 If your family has some spare money and has nothing to do with business running. We suggested that you place that money into your account at the beginning of the year. The recommended minimum amount is £40,000 for studying in london and £30,000 elsewhere. If you have any more questions regarding preparations. Give us a shout! We’re here for you!