10 Things You Should Never Do In Britain As a Visitor (Part II)

icon-time 13 December 2016
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We are back again in the second part of "things you should never do in Britain." ✨☺️ So without further ado, let's continue with part 2! 😀💚

You should never....


6. Touch the guards. You can mess around in front of them and they’ll ignore you, but touch them and prepare for a world of hurt.


7. No peeing in the street unless you wish to be arrested.


8. Don’t call the whole of the UK “England.” Because their country constitutes four different countries: England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.


9. Don’t blow your nose on the napkin. Because napkins are for cleaning food stains and moreover, it is impolite!


10. Don't refuse a cup of tea. Seriously, the Brits and tea are like knife and fork.


This is the end of our "10 things you should never do in Britain". Tell us what do you think about these article! Have you ever had a first hand experience about the Brits ? Share it with us! :)