GoUni: Christmas is approaching, where to go in the UK for Christmas?

icon-time 29 November 2016
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Ho Ho Ho Christmas day is just around the corner. Have you come up with a nice plan for your Christmas trip? If not, it is not too late. GoUni is here to help you find the best places to travel for your winter break, whether you are travelling with your family or partner for an eating or a chilling trip. 🎅🏼

First Trip: With Family

If your parents, siblings or relatives are visiting you in the United Kingdom this Christmas. We suggest you to bring your family members to visit the magic of Harry Potter! 😇 We all agree that people of all ages love Harry Potter, am I right? Take them to HOGWARTS’ GREAT HALL AT WARNER BROS. STUDIO TOUR at Leavesden, Hertfordshire, not so far away from London. It should be a good day trip for people who are living in England :)


diagon_alley_hero_0Second Trip: Trip with your lover <3

There is no other season that is more romantic than winter, let's be honest. Though it's cold, you can embrace in each other's arms and cuddle <3. For those of you who look for a quiet/ romantic town to visit, go to Suffolk, England. Escape your hectic life from the chaotic city, and explore the peaceful day with your love ones at Suffolk. There you can wander around Thornham Walks or the lake near Needham Market. Furthermore, there is also a museum that wides around 80 acre, called Museum of East Anglian Life.


needham-market-suffolk-2Third Trip: Eating Trip!

During the winter, human's body needs all sorts of food. Well, as much as it sounds like an excuse to all of you, it is true though. In Yorkshire Coast, there are many restaurants with Michelin stars. Whether you look forward to eat food or dessert, Yorkshire Coast has a number of restaurants to offer. Make sure to bring a lot of money with you as the price could be high.

dyc-yorkshire-coast-food-and-drink56Last Trip: Lifestyle Trip

After your long-waited Christmas Break, it is quite likely that everyone has done a lot of schoolworks --- reading many textbooks and making last minute deadlines. Because of how hard we have worked prior to the winter break, we all deserve a good relaxing trip. We suggest you to go to Cloughton, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, where you can have an unique experience, staying in a 4 star stationed carriage. "Oscar", which is name of the carriage is a good place to stay if you are searching for something eccentric and calm. Another big plus for the comfortable lifestyle that goes with it.


For anyone who wishes to know more about the destinations you could travel during the winter break, make sure to visit https://www.visitengland.com/s... for all of the good experiences while you are studying in the UK :)