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icon-time 27 September 2016
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For those who are wondering which school should they attend to pursue their art & design career, wonder no more! UK is definitely a well-known destination for students where it allows students to achieve their ambitious artistic goals :) However, many of you might find London a little too overwhelming, too crowded, too hectic etc. GoUni has done some research on one of the best art colleges in the country with many famous and successful alumni across the globe. But this time, it is located in good, old Cambridge, not so far away from London the capital.

Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts or also goes by its acronym, CSVPA, is by far the most outstanding college when it comes to Arts and Designs. With its fantastic location, CSVPA is located in one of the world's most greatest cities "Cambridge". For youngsters wishing to reside in a vibrant and active city, Cambridge is a great place to study in. With picturesque sceneries, beautiful architecture and history, this university city is the perfect location for students to develop their creativity and imaginative inspiration.




The city inspires many international students around the world. There are convenient communal options if you want to get out of the city during the weekend. Central London is just 45 minutes away by train, and with a 20 minute commute to London Stansted Airport, Cambridge is an absolutely a perfect gateway to the rest of the UK.

CSVPA Programmes:

CSPVA provides Foundation diplomas (Year 1),  Bachelor Degree (Year 2-4)Pre-Master (prep course), and Masters Degree  for students all over the world. Each degree is divided into two main courses, which are Art & Design and Performing Arts hence, the college name. Apart from that, summer courses are also provided in addition to the main courses mentioned above, for students aged 15 and above. All courses graduated from CSVPA will be accredited by either UAL or Kingston University depending on details of each degree.

_csvpa-17Art & Design: 

CSVPA offers pathways in Art & Design, Drama and Music. It provides a unique and highly personalised method of learning. The students will be taught through a hands on teaching approach in which it will motivate students to create unique and creative ideas for their careers. It also guarantees job prospects and internships with well-known companies in the industry like Hearst Magazines (including big names like Harper's Bazaar, Elle, Cosmopolitan, to name a few) after graduation. Students will be able to showcase their products and projects to a worldwide audience :)


Art & Design courses include:

  • BA (Hons) Fashion Design
  • BA (Hons) Graphics and Illustration
  • Pre Master's in Art & Designs
  • MA Art & Design
  • Extended Diploma
  • Foundation Diploma for Arts & Design
  • Foundation Diploma for Fashion & Design
  • Foundation Diploma in Graphics & Illustrations
  • Foundation Diploma in 3D Design



Performing Arts: 

CSVPA provides pathways in Acting, Musical Theatre, Dance and Music. It continues to develop the talents of many aspiring performers and artists. Students will not only be taught through a hands-on method of teaching, but they will be given space and time to develop and create their own personal voice and inspiration.


Performing Arts courses include:

  • Drama foundation: Classical Acting
  • Drama Foundation
  • Music Foundation
  • Extended Diploma in Performing Arts



CSVPA has been producing many many successful alumni in the past years. Many of them currently live in different places in the world and work as designer, artist, fashion designer etc. Sanpathit Tavijaroen, for instance, is one of CSVPA acknowledged alumni members. He studied Art & Design foundation course at CSVPA and is now an Award winning Executive Creative Director of The Leo Burnett Group Thailand. 


Sanpathit started his career at CSVPA on the Art & Design Foundation, before progressing onto Kingston University to further his studies in Graphic Design.

After graduating he worked in London as a Junior Designer at Tutssel in the Brand Union. On returning to Thailand, Sanpathit worked for Leo Burnett, Bangkok, Ogilvy & MatherD'Arcy and is now back at Leo Burnett.

Entry Requirement

  • Academic:

Luckily grades are not reckoned as the first priority when entering CSVPA. However, to compensate, they take high consideration over portfolio!! Portfolio and personal statement are crucial parts of candidate consideration. So be sure to polish your portfolio and statement stating why you want to study your desired programme, and how could you be benefited for it.

  • English:

IELTS 4.5-6.5 depending on courses. Nonetheless, if you can't reach those scores, relax! There is an option where you can take a pre-sessional or premaster's course. They not only aiming just to enhance your English skill but to also to grow you accustomed to the arts & design field (if you come from a different subject background) and the British style of studying.


  • Tuition fee:

For international students, 2.350 Pounds for summer school and 14.975 Pounds for a degree programme.

However, you can specifically check how much your desired programme costs by using the website's fee calculator here: http://www.csvpa.com/about/fees-calculator.htm or contact us for any latest scholarship opportunity

  • Accommodation

CSVPA provides its students with nice, safe and well-equipped accommodation all years of study. . With the different options available, it offers balance between supervision and independence.

Its accommodation is divided into two kinds. The first type is in college residences. College residences are catered especially for different age groups. the majority of rooms provided are all single en-suite. All residences for students are within a short walk or bus journey from the College and City Centre.

The second type is homestay.  This option is only available to students over 18 years of age. It offers the opportunity to live in a friendly Cambridge family setting, and students gain direct experience of daily life and culture in the UK.

Accommodation fee for 2017-2018

CateredDiscounted Advance Price3 Terms/2 SemestersTermly PaymentSemesterly PaymentUnder 16 years16-17 years18+ years
Halls of Residence£13,465£13,740£4,580£6,870
Homestay single£9,220£9,390£3,130£4,695XX
Self-CateredDiscounted Advance Price3 Terms/2 SemestersTermly PaymentSemesterly PaymentUnder 16 years16-17 years18+ years
Halls of Residence£11,000£11,220£3,740£5,610XX

Note of extra fees not yet included

For more information about CSVPA, its courses, contact information, please visit http://www.csvpa.com/ or simply contact us if you are intrigued by this aforementioned information and wanna know more about how to nail those entry requirements. Let our professional counsellor help :)

Thank you http://www.csvpa.com/ for the source and pictures!