The End of 2016: What happened in the United Kingdom?

icon-time 26 December 2016
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2016 is about to pass by. Time flies really quickly I must say! Before entering a new year of 2017, let's recap a bit of what happened in the past year? What happened in the United Kingdom in 2016? 😊



We can't talk about 2016 without mentioning Brexit. Still reporting everyday in the news, Brexit was a shock for everyone in the United Kingdom, as well as the world. On June 23rd, 2016, people in the UK went out to the vote for the referendum whether they wanted to leave or remained in the EU. The majority of people voted for "leave". That left many people feeling shocked and angry. 



For sport fans, 2016 seems like a fantastic year for them. Andy Murray, a Scottish tennis player ranked number one in the world's best male tennis player ranking, beating Novak Djokovic, the tennis player from Serbia. 🎾


Football fans also celebrated big time in 2016. Leicester City has entered a Premier League Club, the prestigious football club in the United Kingdom. This situation made many football fans surprised and impressed with Leicester City's ability. ⚽️⚽️😍



Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 90th birthday on April 21, 2016.



Harry Potter fans went wild in the past November of 2016. Fantastic Beasts and where to find them, the Harry Potter film that portrayed the wizard and witch communities in New York 70 years before Harry Potter went to Hogwarts, has arrived in the cinema. They received an overwhelm amount of viewers who were not disappointed with the movie.


Before we say a proper goodbye of 2016, GoUni wishes everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017.  See you again in 2017 :) 😝