16 Things To Do In 16 Cities In England (Part I)

icon-time 07 February 2017
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Tired of London, Stonehenge and some famous tourist attractions? Time Out London blog recently recommended 16 cities in England that are new, fresh, interesting, unlike any other attractions! 😇 Click here to read more...

1. Brighton : North Laine

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Stroll in North Laine, a wide variety of merchandise. For more information about Brighton visit brighton.com

2. Portsmouth Antique Shipyard

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Explore some interesting maritime history. Click in the link for more information about Portsmouth.

 3. Salisbury : Salisbury Cathedral

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Visit the early English Gothic architecture. Salisbury More information click here 

4. Cole Qiesi Special : Beth Chart garden

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Have a relaxing stroll in the Beth Chart Garden 💚  For more info, please visit here

5. Norwich : Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts

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Norman Foster's exhibition area is on display at a rare art collection. More information, visit norwich.co.uk

6. Peterborough : Flag Fen Archaeological Park 

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Experience the life of the Bronze Age. More information visit here

 7. Nottingham : Nottingham Times

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Visit one of the UK's largest contemporary Art Centres. More information, please see here.

8. Birmingham : Mailbox

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The Mailbox is Birmingham's most stylish shopping, lifestyle and restaurant destination in Birmingham. Click here to see more.

That is it for part 1, if you want to read more about this topic, stay posted with our blog! 😆