16 Things to do in 16 Cities in England (Part II)

icon-time 13 February 2017
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Let's continue with the other 8 cities on the list! 😇🇬🇧

9. Lincoln : The Cathedral

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Lincoln Cathedral existed in the history of more than 300 years . It is considered to be one of the world's tallest buildings. For more information, click here.

10. Trent Stowe Grams : Monkey Forest

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If you love monkeys, go visit The Monkey Forest, where you can walk and greet many cute monkeys. More information, visit here.

11. Manchester : Cloud 23

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Enjoy cocktails on the 23rd floor. There are also pubs and restaurants. If you want to know more about Cloud 23, click here.

12. Schaefer Germany : Silversmiths

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Taste a variety of exquisite modern cuisine at Schaefer Germany: Silversmiths. Click here for more info.

 13. Bradford De : National Media Museum

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Learn about the history of British cinema and how people make movies. Click here to read more what about it.

 14. York : Shambles


This centuries-old street now features a wide variety of art and craft shops, jewellery makers, chocolate shops and friendly tea shops. More information on the website.

15. Hull : The Deep

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One of the most famous aquariums, you can see more than 3,500 kinds of fish and lovely penguins. More information, click here.

16. Newcastle Gateshead Germany : Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art


A world-class art gallery. Click here to find more information.

We hope you like our 16 things to-do list in England! 😇😁