✨ 5 Best British English Teachers on YouTube ✨

icon-time 26 December 2017
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If you've already watched all of Peachii's videos on British English and want to move your English on to the next level, you could try watching these English teachers on YouTube for free.

It's not ideal for beginners, as they teach entirely in English, so you won't be able to follow unless you already know the basics. Also, if you are thinking of going to study English in the UK, this may give you an idea of the way you might be taught.

1. English with Lucy 🇬🇧

With 780k subscribers, Lucy is possibly the most popular British English teacher on YouTube. She has close to one hundred videos, and they're all really professionally made.

2. ETJ English 🇬🇧

Of the 5 channels listed here, I find Elliott easiest to understand. He speaks slowly and clearly. If you can't follow him, you may need to do more practice with a teacher who explains in your native language.


This is probably the most fun channel for learning English. Aly, the main teacher, speaks quite fast, so it may be difficult for you to follow unless you are an advanced learner, but the videos are more fun and interesting than the others, so it will help you stay engaged with it.

4. Learn English with Benjamin 🇬🇧

This channel bears the most similarities to learning in a class setting, so you can see what to expect if you come to study English in the UK. While some may find it a little dull, you may appreciate everything is clearly written out on the white board.

5. English like a Native 🇬🇧

Nothing particularly special about this channel, just top 5 seemed better than top 4 ;p

If learning over the internet isn't for you, get the fully immersive English experience by coming to study in the UK. Get in touch and GoUni will sort you out.