5 Must-Have Apps You Need to Have When You Are in the UK

icon-time 01 May 2017
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Everyone has a smartphone these days, or even two.📱📱 The most important thing is knowing how to make use of it in times of need! You know smartphones are not only useful for chatting or messaging with your friends! If you have the right App, it can help you in so many aspects!👍🏼GoUni has listed 6 must-have apps you need to install when you are in the UK! 👼🏽

🍰App for food-lovers

VS-2.jpgIf you love eating, but are too lazy to go out, you know there are food delivery services in the UK such as UberEats and Deliveroo. Once installed, you can order food online and wait for around 25-40 for the delivery person to knock on your door! Then you can gorge in your delicious meal without worrying that someone will judge you, how convenient! 😍

✔️App for shopping-lovers 


An app like "UniDays" gives you benefits of being a student once you installed the App. Students like us can enjoy a wide range of perks from shops, food, restaurants or even gyms. Just install the app, log into your account using your university email. Then, you can enjoy exclusive discounts from plenty of shops around the UK 😊 It is not so often that we get benefits from shops and restaurants, so embrace it while you can! 💛

💷App for checking your bank account


No need to go to the bank every time you want to transfer money or do any kinds of transaction. Living in the UK, no matter which bank you use to save your account, you can gain access to your personal banking details through each bank App. 💷

🙆🏼App for traveller

TL-new-icon1.pngIf you love travelling, make sure to download "Trainline", the travel App that allows you to check time schedules and train tickets online. Also, you can buy tickets via this App. 🚌

❣️App for commutersfb_share_img-1.png


"Citymapper" is the ultimate transport app that will let you know the fastest route to take, the most convenient transport to use, how many calories you burn for every option you choose, and which place to get on the train! 😎 Oh! Citymapper was awarded as the best travel app in the UK too! 😃

If you have any problems while studying in the UK, don't hesitate to contact us GoUni ❣️ We are always happy to help and make sure everyone is enjoying their experiences in the UK 💚