✨ 5 Great Universities to Study Fashion and Textile Design in UK ✨

icon-time 05 September 2017
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We’ve analysed the scores given by The Guardian’s University rankings and come up with our own top 5. In contrast to the Guardian, we have preferred universities that are easier to get in to. We also place more emphasis on employment prospects and value added, as we believe it’s results that matter, not how much the university spends.

1. University of Brighton

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Not only is it a big vibrant town on the seaside, it’s a great place to study fashion. It scores 9/10 for value added, and has 6 different fashion related courses to choose from. It’s not too hard to get in to either!

2. Staffordshire University

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Half-way between Birmingham and Manchester, Staffordshire University scores 8/10 for value added and has one of the lowest entry tariffs. It has 3 quite specialised courses in textiles and fashion design.

3. Nottingham Trent University

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Nottingham is a nice small city, just a 2-hour train journey from London. Trent is the lesser known of the two universities in Nottingham, but it a good place to study applied subjects. The university has 8 different fashion and textile courses to choose from, and scores very well for employment prospects.

4. Falmouth University

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Falmouth is a long way from the big cities down on the Cornwall coast, but it scores highest of all for % of graduates in employment 6 months after leaving. Both its courses come with an optional year abroad which would give you an opportunity to experience somewhere else as well.

5. Kingston University

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It’s a little harder to get into than the others, but we wanted to include one that’s in London. It only offers one fashion related course (BA Fashion) but it ranks well all-round.

I want to give an honourable mention to 3 universities that nearly made the list:

Loughborough University: ranked #1 on the Guardian rankings, but this was mostly due to having high entry requirements, as Loughborough is a highly regarded university overall.

University of Edinburgh: A lovely city and scored 10/10 for value added, but it scored quite low for student satisfaction and again has high entry requirements.

University of Dundee: scored 9/10 for value added, but it only offers one course and lacked employment statistics and entry requirements.

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If you’re interested in studying fashion or textile design in the UK, be sure to contact us.