Applying For a Student Visa (Tier 4) to Study in the UK

icon-time 03 July 2017
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If you already got accepted to study in the UK universities, the next step is to prepare yourself to enter the country and make sure to do a pre-arrival planning before. One of the most important steps is to apply for a student or Tier 4 visa. For some, the process might be complicated. But today, we will tell you about the most important facts you need to know in order to successfully apply for a student visa to study in the UK. 😄


Student visa applications from Thailand ✔️


What do you need to apply for a Tier 4 Visa? ✔️

  • Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies
  • Funds to support yourself
  • Appropriate level of English for your course


Visa application process ✔️

  • Complete the on-line application, pay online & book an appointment at a VAC
  • Enrol biometrics at the VAC. Submit documents. Credibility interview conducted (if required).
  • Documents sent to UKVI in Sheffield – further checks conducted - Entry Clearance- Officer makes decision
  • Visa Granted - 30-day vignette added to passport and documents


Tier 4 -  supporting documents ✔️

🍄 A valid passport and a printed copy of the Visa Application Form

🍄 A valid CAS from an approved Tier 4 sponsor

🍄Evidence of qualifications as specified in the CAS and English language ability if it has not been assessed by the sponsor

 🍄 Evidence of finances

🍄 An ATAS certificate if necessary

🍄 A TB test certificate from an approved test centre


Document Scanning ✔️

Supporting documents will now be scanned at the VAC and sent electronically to the UK. In order to avoid delays, please ensure all documents are:

☀️ Originals

☀️ A4 size or resized onto A4 paper

☀️ Not stapled and no paper clips

☀️ Not torn or heavily creased

Funds ✔️

🍉Course fee for current academic year as marked on the CAS

🍉 Inside London - £1,265 for each month of the course, up to a maximum of 9 months

🍉 Outside London - £1,015 for each month of the course, up to a maximum of 9 months.

**Funds must have been held for at least 28 consecutive days prior to the date of on-line payment**

Students can prove they have the money through:

  • Bank statements in the student’s, parents’ or legal guardian’s name
  • An education loan in the students' name
  • An official financial or government sponsorship or scholarship

giphy-9.gifBiometric Residence Permits (BRPs) ✔️

  • 30 day visa granted

  • Applicant travels to UK

  • Applicant Collects BRP from University / Post Office


The Health Surcharge ✔️

All non-EEA nationals, coming to live in the UK are required to pay a ‘health surcharge’ to use the NHS.

This is £150 per year for each year of study


Top tips for applying for a visa ✔️

🍩 Apply early

🍩 Be honest in your application form - disclose your full immigration history

🍩 Don’t forget to get a tuberculosis test done

🍩 Make sure you pay the health surcharge for the full term of your visa in advance

🍩 Check the start date of your course. You are only allowed to enter the UK up to a month before the course start date. If your visa application is successful you will be given a vignette valid for 30 days

🍩 Don’t be nervous about your video interview. Genuine students have nothing to be concerned about. We are just checking your level of English and making sure you are who you say you are 😄

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For more information, feel free to visit or contact GoUni via 44(0)20 3735 7100 or further assistance. 😀

💚 Thanks, Great Britain for the source :)