Are you a fashionista? Employment in the UK for Fashion Graduates!

icon-time 06 June 2017
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If you have a passion for fashion, today's blog is perfect for you. Combining fashion theory with work experience is the most efficient way for you to thrive in this field!  Wanna more, please click here to read further! 👗😆💚


Fashion 👠

Work Options 💃🏼

Directly related to the degree

  • Fashion designer
  • Retail Purchasing
  • Retail Manager
  • Retail merchandise retailer
  • Textile Designer
  • Visual merchandiser visual marketer

Fashion176.jpegIndirectly related to the degree 😄

  • Clothing / textile technologist clothing / textile technician
  • Event Organizer
  • Jewellery Designer
  • Magazine journalist journalist
  • Make-up artist makeup artist
  • Public relations officer


But keep in mind that many employers in the UK accept graduates and job applications from all professionals. Therefore, don't limit yourself to only those put in the list above!😇

ModelsCatwalk.jpgWork Experience 😄

Work experience in the design studio is important. Likewise, retail experience is also very useful. All in all, having a wide range of fashion-related work experiences are very helpful when job hunting. Try to contact the boutiques, design departments, fashion brand retail stores through their official website and career pages to get a constant update on job openings.


On another note, you may contact your university professional service centre where they can help you understand the details of the job placement opportunities out there in the UK. Be sure to take advantage of all the work and work placement available in the country.

Employer 😄

You can be employed by many companies in the industry from top designers to the street retail stores.  The type of job you work for them depends on each individual's expertise whether it is design work, purchase, marketing and public relations.


Do not forget to consider some less obvious directions, such as television and film industry, fashion design, fashion media and Internet companies. 😎

Employment of Graduates of Fashion 😄

According to the survey explicitly shown, fashion graduates are able to find jobs within six months after graduation, the top-ranking positions, include fashion designers, marketing, buyers/purchasing executives, and vendors.


Skills you should add on CV 😄

  • Illustration technology
  • Drawing technology
  • Pattern cutting and drape technology
  • Cut technology
  • Sewing technology
  • Digital technology in the application of fashion
  • Marketing ability
  • Fashion trend tracking ability
  • Consumer analysis ability
  • Brand and market awareness
  • Fashion industry ethical ecological problem-solving ability
  • Communication, presentation, research, collaboration


If you wish to contact GoUni about the employment opportunities for fashion graduates, feel free to do so by calling 44(0)20 3735 7100 😃 Cheers! ❣️