Can Time Difference Affect your feeling? - whenever you feel lonely, we are always here

icon-time 17 April 2017
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Thailand and the UK are 6 hours apart. Of course, when you have breakfast, it is highly possible that people back home in Thailand are having lunch. Or when you are about to have dinner, your friends and family are already asleep. Does this differences affect your feeling? If it does, and it makes you feel lonely or homesick, don't be! 😊 GoUni team is always here to help and support you 💘

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Early in the morning, you check your Line, there are messages from people back home:

"What are you doing?"

"Have you eaten?"

"Can you help me look for a pair of shoes from the UK?"

"You help me translate this passage"


Seeing these messages early in the morning, makes you feel alive and aware that there is still someone at home who still cares about you, although you are far away from them....  💜

It is refreshing 😊💦

It is caring 👼🏽

It makes you feel motivated 😎


Of course, when you are abroad alone, you feel lonely and homesick...


You miss your friends, family, Thai food and the atmosphere at home... 😫

But we, GoUni team, want you tell you to stay strong😀 Because our team is always  here for you, and will guide you through any problems or obstacles you may have. ❣️

0?wx_fmt=gif&tp=webp&wxfrom=5&wx_lazy=1Whenever you feel lonely, you can contact GoUni team and talk to us, ask us questions. Our team is always here. Don't be shy to approach or talk to us. Our team is happy to assist you with any problems. 😽 💚