Easy-Read Books/Series to Improve Your English

icon-time 22 August 2017
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You’ve got to practise if you want to improve your reading, but most English books will be too hard to read if you are still an intermediate English speaker. You will just get bored and give up. Learning from text books is even more boring.

We recommend reading children’s books. The writing is not too complicated and there are so many to choose from. Just like Disney movies, they can be just as fun for adults as well.

If you know what sort of book you’d be interested in, get on Google and find a children’s book, but if you’re having difficulty, here are some of our ideas…

#Harry Potter ⚡️


The books are the bestselling series of all time, and much better than the films you probably know already.

Although the books are fantasy written for children the same age as the main characters (12-17), they have proven popular with many adults as well. If you manage to read through the whole series, that will amount to many, many hours of practice.

#Karl Pilkington 🤡


Karl Pilkington is a simple yet hilarious man from Manchester in England. His combination of funny observations with his ignorance, and sometimes downright stupidity, makes for hysterical results.

He has written a travel series called An Idiot Abroad, as well as a number of other books on other topics. Karl doesn’t use many difficult words, because he doesn’t know many, so they’re quite easy to read.

#Boy and Going Solo – Roald Dahl 👦🏼


Roald Dahl is one of the most famous children’s authors in the world.

Most of his books are crazy fantasy stories, which are great if that’s your sort of thing, but if not, Boy and Going Solo is his life story, written to be humorous and accessible to children.

#Charlotte’s Web 🐷

0EEE52C7-08FF-44CB-A385-3BAB8908B417-7169-00000B6B5C698E07-195x300.jpeg This is one of the best-selling children’s books of all time, written by New Yorker E. B. White. This might be good if you’d like to practise US English.

#Horrible Histories 🗡🤴🏼

EBB092DE-5E17-4D6A-A2B2-C50328BAAB57-7169-00000B34E699A4A2-195x300.jpeg These are a series of books designed to teach history to children in a fun way.

As well as being written in simple English, it’s good to learn some European history so that you can understand certain references.

#The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time 🐶

EB6F6D35-120A-4261-A149-66D07B05B5E2-7169-00000B42F2A1E35F-193x300.jpeg Children’s detective novels are great for providing simple English, but also a subject matter that is not too childish.

In particular, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (one hell of a title) is a very enjoyable story.

The book is written in first-person by the main character who has Asperger’s Syndrome, so everything is described very simply and precisely.

#Autobiographies 🕵️

B7B92407-4119-4AC3-8423-0882A041C631-7169-00000B388014266C-197x300.jpeg If you are interested in any British or American celebrities, it may be worth looking if they have written an autobiography, or if they have a blog.

They are not professional writers, so unless they are very smart, they probably won’t write very complicated English, and if you’re interested in the person, you should be interested in what they write.


If you don’t fancy reading a book, you could try reading news in English every day. BBC News, including Newsround for kids, is quite easy to read.

The Metro and The Mirror are also written in quite simple English, although have some slang words to learn.

The Bangkok Post covers Thai news in English, and The China Post covers Chinese news in English, if you’re most interested in news over there.