​English is a window to opportunities! The story of Natalia Vodianova and her success

icon-time 26 March 2017
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🇬🇧English is one of the most important languages in the world. If you are able to speak English, you will find yourself with plenty of opportunities internationally. You will gain knowledge about other countries' culture and most importantly, you will have opportunities to go out of your comfort zone, which means you will have higher chance of success. GoUni tells inspirational story about a woman whose life changed because of English. Her name is Natalia Vodianova. 💃🏼



Natalia Vodianova is a Russian supermodel. Her nickname on catwalk is Supernova.

She was born in 1982 in a town not so far away from Moscow, Russia. She was a regular girl. Her parents were divorced, and she stayed with her mum. They lived together with her younger sister who was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy or CP. Natalia needed to help her mum earned a living by selling food products on the streets of Russia, making ends meet. She started working since she was 11.  

untitled-article-1439658595.jpgWhen she reached 17, she was spotted by an agent who wanted her to become a model. Natalia, at that time was very psyched about the opportunity. However, the agent told her that before she was able to move to Paris, to became a model, she needed to be able to speak English within 3 months. Given a short time, she was able to achieve it. She speaks fluent English thanks to her ambition and perseverance at that time. 😎

Natalia, speaking in English, explaining about her childhood life and success

Of course, English is just a starting point of her success in life. A decade of working as a model, she has become one of the most internationally well-known supermodel. She was a presenter for several brandnames such as Calvin Klein, H&M as well as the British-born, Stella MacCartney. 😇

854c9199-300dpi.jpg24BC678A00000578-0-image-a-16_1421360302054.jpgApart from her beauty and dedication, she also has a good heart. She considered herself a philanthropist, and founded the Naked Heart Foundation in 2014! The foundation aims to help and promote the lives of disable children in Russia.

maxresdefault.jpgMain_banner-930x392_c-960x392_c.jpgThe main factor that propelled her to succeed is the tenacity and endurance that she has. From the first step, she worked hard to be able to speak English. Now it has helped open doors of opportunity for her, and made her become such a beautiful and kind person.⭐️💚

Natalia-Vodianova-Dior-Magazine-2015-Cover-Shoot04.jpgFor those of you who are inspired by the story of Natalia and want to have a success in life as well. The first step is to be good in English! Don't forget that GoUni provides a consultancy service, in which we help students pick the right course, town and school that suit their personalities. Especially for students that want to build a solid foundation of English, you can ask us about language school opportunities in the UK. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 0203735 7100 (UK) or email us at info@gouni.co.th 😆😀