GoUni: 5 New Year Resolutions To Achieve The University Of Your Dream

icon-time 02 January 2017
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2017 has finally arrived! new year equals new you 😇 Of course, one of the new year's goals for many students is to get into the university of your dream. Maybe it is a hard task, but there is nothing you can't do if you work hard and keep persevering. Apart from consulting and seeking help from GoUni :P, there are a couple of more things you can do to make this year a successful year for you. Click to read more! 🤓


One of the mistakes that students make is to procrastinate. Of course there is nothing totally serious about it. But if you do it too often, you won't get your work done. Why don't you set a daily goal and try to achieve that ? And when you are finished with the planned task, you can have fun and enjoy life!😇

source-12. BE HEALTHY

Some people get the wrong concept that you should study as hard as you can, revising all night long and sleep as little as possible. This is TOTALLY wrong and BAD for your health in so many levels! The most important element for a bright and sharp brain is getting enough sleep, and eating healthy food. So make sure to sleep 8 hours a day, do an exercise and eat healthy products. NO JUNK FOOD!  :)


You will be amazed how organisation can make a positive impact on your life. Try to buy a diary or a schedule to list the things you have to do in a day, and try to complete that tasks. This is called "organisation"-- to prevent you from being forgetful and reckless. 😎


Some people underestimate their abilities by aiming for something that is below your real capability. Why don't you analyse what are your strongest capabilities and set realistic goals using that strength to achieve. Also, being ambitious is brilliant! <3


One last thing, go out and enjoy yourself once in a while. There is nothing wrong with rewarding yourself with a nice and cosy atmosphere and keeping your mind out of the serious school works. Go out for a movie or spend quality time with family and friends and make sure to clear your mind before progressing on work again! <3

giphy-5HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017  from GoUni team once again and we wish you get into the university/school of your dream this year <3 Best wishes and good luck! 😊❤️