The time is approaching! - what should you throw in your suitcase before going to the UK?

icon-time 21 July 2017
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In 2 months time, many colleges and universities will begin a new semester - welcoming students from all over the world to the UK to study. The idea of moving to another country may be daunting to many, however, don't let your excitement and nerves overcome you 😊. Preparation is the key. Here is GoUni's reminder of what you should put in your suitcases before heading to the UK to pursue your degrees! 🇬🇧 ✈️

Before flying to the UK, packing things in your luggage must be one of the most troublesome things to do, right?!? 😖



A book to read while you are on the plane or train! English books are even better as you can practice your English skills prior to actually landing in the UK! 😅



Clothes! But only for the first few weeks here. It is believed that clothes in the UK are pretty cheap and wide in the selection, especially winter clothes. So no need to carry a lot of clothes in your luggage.👒👟👗



A variety of spices! Specific kinds of spices, such as pepper, Thai paste etc. may not be available in the UK supermarkets. You might have to commute to Chinatown or Asian stores in order to get them. Therefore, it is a good idea that you bring your special kinds of spice from home.



Hairdressing tools 💈 Getting a haircut in the UK may costs you a lot of money. So, bringing tools such as scissors is a good idea if you are able to do it for yourself.



Personal hygiene products - sanitary pads for women or any medicine you take on a regular basis that requires a medical prescription. Getting a specific kind of tablets may create some hassles as it requires you to make an appointment with the doctor in order to get them. Therefore, bringing those things from home is a smart way to save your time.


Thank you! 😆