Top 10 Art Colleges/Universities in the UK - Part II

icon-time 17 July 2017
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🇬🇧Great Britain has a long list of art histories. The country is deeply influenced by the Renaissance, and other ancient art periods. It is no surprise that the requirements of the British art institutions are more stringent that art schools in other countries. It is natural that the students will encounter more difficulties when submitting applications to British art schools. But of course, the quality is much higher and there is a greater chance of employment after graduation. As some of you might already read the first 5 art schools in the UK, let's continue with the other top five art institutions and colleges in the UK (Part 2). 😙

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6. Sir John Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design🍅

mayor-show-prep900.jpgLondon Metropolitan University is located in one of London's fashion hubs like Islington. The university dates back 300 years ago, and its highly reputable in the world of art, architecture and designing. The university creates a group of outstanding artists and designers.

Cass College offers a wide range of practical courses, divided into three categories, namely, art (television, film, animation, music, etc.), architectural (interior design, landscape design, architectural design, etc.) and design class (graphic design, jewellery design, etc.)


7. Edinburgh College of Art 🍅

The Edinburgh Academy of Art has a long history and dates back to the 1760s when the school was called Edinburgh School of Painting. The school is located next to the famous Edinburgh castle. Furthermore, the college's international students is as high as 20%, from more than 70 countries. 

Edinburgh College of Arts offers a wide range of courses, excellent teaching quality, teachers and students for the common goals and ideals and work. Edinburgh College of Art is one of the most successful private art schools in the UK. The college offers the highest quality education for students in a challenging and supportive environment. College of first-class creativity and strong faculty is also one of the reasons why it is so famous.



8.The Courtauld Institute of Art 🍅

The Courtauld Institute of Art is a college under the University of London, one of the world's leading colleges in the history and collection of art and collection. It was founded in 1932, in order to commemorate the industrialists and art Collector Samuel Courtauld.


The academy is the only art history education institution in the UK that has been rated as 5 * by the Scientific Research Assessment. The 2008 art history major ranks second in the country, and the first in the Guardian rankings 2012.


9. London Film Academy 🍅

London_Film_Academy_2.jpgThe London Film Academy is a temple in the heart of a film professional student. 85% of the graduates are able to find a good job.  The college is working with the London Metropolitan University to provide intensive, practical training courses for the UK media industry and eventually awarded degrees from the City University of London.

10.Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts 🍅

Lancaster University was founded in 1964, located in the northwest of England Lancashire County. The university enjoys a very good academic reputation, and has been ranked among the top universities in the United Kingdom. Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts is famous for its art, design, music, music technology, film production and other teaching and research projects related to contemporary arts.


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