Top 10 Art Schools/Colleges in the UK - Part I

icon-time 11 July 2017
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🇬🇧Great Britain has a long list of art histories. The country is deeply influenced by the Renaissance, and other ancient art periods. It is no surprise that the requirements of the British art institutions are more stringent that art schools in other countries. It is natural that the students will encounter more difficulties when submitting applications to British art schools. But of course, the quality is much higher and there is a greater chance of employment after graduation. To give you a better understanding of the most well-established art schools in the UK, here is the list of top 10 art institutions and colleges in the UK (Part 1).

GoUni brings to you the ten highest regarded schools of art in the UK:


 1. Royal College of Art (RCA) 🎨

The predecessor of the Royal College of Art was founded in 1837, and the school began to expand from 1853, and in 1896 the college began to use the present title: Royal College of Art. In 1967 the college was granted royal charter, so as to obtain the right to grant a degree independently.

royal-college-of-art-helene-binet-dyson-building-rca-hot-list_dezeen_sq.jpgThe school is mainly composed of animation, architecture and design, pottery and glass, communication design, cultural relics protection, art criticism and art history, product design, painting, fashion design, metal products manufacturing, design history, industrial design engineering, sculpture, automotive design and other professionals.

a482cedb658cac8795879a18d2c36c8a.jpg2. University of the Arts London 🎨


The University of London (UAL, formerly known as the London Institute) is a college federal university in London, UK, composed of six colleges that teach art, design, fashion and media. The University of the Arts is one of the world's finest art academies in art, design, media communication and performing arts. 


 3. Goldsmiths, University of London 🎨  golds1big.jpg

Founded in 1904, Goldsmith has been a part of the University of London and is one of the best universities in the UK for art and design, culture and social sciences, where news and drama films are renowned. 


4. Kingston University 🎨 c07786b-kingston-university-070bec9-virtual-tour.jpg

 The School of Art Design and Music is one of Kingston's most prestigious colleges.

After more than 100 years of development, Kingston University's Art Design and Music Institute has become a well-known college with a wide range of professional fields, including art design, architecture, measurement, landscape architecture and music. Many of which have a high professional teaching level and research strength. 6fee418-kingston-university-5c82c20-iconicmusicproducertonyvisconti.jpg

5, The Glasgow School of Art 🎨


Glasgow College of Art was founded in 1845, is the oldest in the UK. The school is under the three colleges, namely 1. The Design Institute, 2. The Academy of Fine Arts and 3. The Mackintosh School of Architecture

The Glasgow School of Art has been aiming to cultivate innovative, innovative and successful artists, designers and architects in its long history.


To be continued part 2! 😇😊

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