✨ UK Supermarkets: What's the difference? Part I ✨

icon-time 31 October 2017
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There are quite a lot of different supermarkets in the UK. It’s not just choosing between 7-eleven, Big C or Tesco Lotus as it is in Thailand. In Thailand you get used to seeing 7-eleven on nearly every street, but you won’t find it anywhere in the UK. 

There’s plenty of Tesco, but don’t call it “Lotus”, as no one will know what you are talking about. 😄 Here’s our list of all the most common supermarkets in the UK, describing the cheaper ones first, before the more expensive ones at the end.


c8e4a1d5-29b4-4ce3-8ce6-8b3f0fef05fe-2141-0000026b47b4146b.jpgKnown as one of the “German Discounters” Lidl has grown in popularity massively in the UK in recent years. It’s super cheap. It doesn’t stock many branded products, so it’s not good if you only like McVities biscuits or Heinz Ketchup, but most of the stuff is good quality and certainly good value. 

75983b4c-36a2-4b35-8810-9cc476e9b0ff-2141-0000026b94d70f58.jpgOne other drawback is they don’t have self-checkout, so the queue can be long sometimes.

2. ALDI 

2c7031d7-447f-44b4-bd47-6d23ecd15b75-2141-00000272360bbe43.jpgAldi is quite similar to Lidl. It’s the other “German Discounter”. It sells more branded products than Lidl, and those are a bit more expensive, but it’s still very cheap.



As you might have guessed, Iceland specialises in selling frozen food (it’s nothing to do with the country). 

91c5bed4-3638-4f21-93f2-22271726a39d-2141-00000273f809ccc0.jpgIt does sell some non-frozen food, but nothing that’s really fresh. It is very cheap if you’re a fan of frozen food, but it doesn’t have a reputation for high quality. 😊


4437442a-7457-4dbe-a008-2ef1c3750a12-2141-00000274e41a6423.jpgMeal deals (where you can buy a supermarket sandwich/pasta/salad, snack and drink for a reduced price) have become very popular in the UK in recent years. 


f64310e9-d796-4010-b4ce-8266572056cf-2141-00000274f09470d8.jpgMorrison’s does the cheapest at just £2.50, but you do get less choice and a smaller drink than you would with other meal deals. Morrison’s is probably the cheapest of the mainstream supermarkets