Which British University is the Safest?

icon-time 12 June 2017
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After a parade of terrorist attacks this year, many people question the security standard of the UK. Especially for those who want to pursue their studies in the UK, many of them are afraid and probably question the security standard of British universities. Let's see which universities rank first in terms of security? 😄🇬🇧


The Thames survey shows that more and more students are more likely to choose a safe and comfortable university to study after the terrorist incidents happened in the UK.

giphy.gifWhich UK university has the safest environment and the most friendly environment to study?


According to the data shown, University of Surrey ranks as the safest university in the UK, followed by Edge Hill University and University of Bath. 😆


One of the students who is studying at the University of Surrey said on her blog: "One of the best things in Surrey is security, and I have never felt that I was at risk, even after returning home at night."


Studying abroad and expanding your horizon is important, but to ensure that your studying environment is safe is even more important, considering the recent British terrorist attacks #StaysafeatUni

If you notice something strange, be sure to call: 

British alarm call: 999


:) 💚🌟 Take care, be alert and stay safe, everyone! 😄