Who Fancies Studying about Media (Media Studies) in the UK?

icon-time 10 April 2017
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Do you have a dream of becoming a successful journalist, a news reporter, a director or a PR manager? 😆 If you do, you are in the right place! For this week GoUni's blog, we talk about pursuing a degree in Media Studies in the UK, one of the most popular field in the UK! 😎 What is it? What can do after graduate? Click here and read now :) 💚

Media Studies : Media is all around us, and it is a power tool in the society. It provides information to the public, making them well-aware of the problems in the society, and allowing them to solve or prevent those problems from happening again. Having a degree in the media field, you can learn a lot of technical and interpersonal skills that can be helpful, not only for your career but also for your daily routines. 💃🏼

Media_DigitalChannels.jpgWork options - what can you do with the Media Degree? 🤓

Directly related to the degree 😁:

  • Media planner media planning
  • Multimedia expert
  • Program researcher (broadcasting / film / video)
  • Program researcher (radio, film, video)
  • Runner (broadcasting / film / video)
  • Operation (radio, film, video)
  • Television / film / video producer TV / film / video producer
  • Broadcast journalist
  • Editorial Assistant
  • Event Organizer
  • Information officer
  • Magazine journalist journalist
  • Customer experience designer
  • Writer

giphy-4-1.gifJobs that are more lenient to the marketing side 😃:

  • Market researcher
  • Advertising account executive
  • Public relations officer
  • Social Media Manager

source.gifMedia Jobs in the UK

Because the media industry is highly popular, although the employment is not difficult, but if you want to find employment in line with the expected positions in the future, finding a relevant work experience is highly useful. 👌🏽 21980374584e4d59fd367o.jpg

To get the job experience in the media industry is very simple, you can contact the radio, television, newspaper, public relations firm, or advertising agency, directly asking part-time or internship opportunities. It would be especially easy for the news media industry, as there is a large number of vacancies for students to work there.

Employment Opportunities 

Media graduates usually enter the media and creative industries after graduation. Work areas include television broadcasting, film and video, digital media,  press and publishing, public relations and so on. 🎥


640?wx_fmt=jpeg&tp=webp&wxfrom=5&wx_lazy=1Employment Survey of Media Graduates


👍🏼According to the survey, many of the media graduates who have left their jobs after graduation have entered senior positions, such as art directors, producers and directors, job marketing experts, photographers, and audio-visual equipment. Specific proportions and employment directions are as shown. 😘

How to distinguish yourself as a Media Studies graduate  ⭐️

To stand out among other media graduates, the combination of theory and practice is essential. It is very crucial if you have a wide range of media jobs and part-time jobs before you graduate, which will make yourself stand out from the crowd. The key thing is to have various media abilities, from writing, reporting to coding etc. giphy-5.gif

After reading this article, and if you feel like applying for Media Studies course in the UK to make your dreams come true. Contact us now! ✌🏼 GoUni team can help you choose the right course, at the right university for you 😊 Or if you are currently studying about media in the UK, and want to find a job in the UK after graduation related to media, call us at 02037357100 ❗️