✨ Thai Supermarkets in London ✨

icon-time 17 April 2018
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While you can get a number of Thai ingredients such as jasmine rice, coconut milk, curry paste, and chillies from supermarkets in London, for a lot of recipes there's bound to be one or two ingredients you need to get from a specialist store. Here's some of the best places to go looking for Thai ingredients in London:

Thai Smile 😃

Chiswick, West London

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It looks a bit like a dentist from a distance, but it's one of the best and oldest Thai supermarkets in London. 😁

Art Muay 🍊

Earl's Court, West London

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Nice little store that also sells some Thai kitchenware such as pestle and mortars. 🌶😂

Talad thai Supermarket 🛒

Putney, Southwest London

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Small, but well-stocked. Also sells freshly made bubble tea and other hot and cold drinks. ☕️🥤😋

Tawana Oriental Supermarket 🌻

Notting Hill, West London

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Has a decent range of food, but apparently the owner can be quite grumpy. 😅

Taste of Siam 🇹🇭

Camden, North London

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Small, but still a decent range.


China Town, Central London

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Technically a Chinese store, but still a great place to find Thai produce. What's more, if you can't find what you're looking for here you can always check in SeeWoo and Loon Fung just over the road. 😊