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A-levels are the qualifications students in the UK study between the ages of 16 and 18 in order to gain admission to university. Unlike in Thailand where students continue to study many different subjects up until the age of 18, A-levels are more specialised, and students normally take A-levels in just 3-5 subjects. Even if a students starts studying 4 or 5 A-levels they will often drop a subject if they are doing poorly or once they have clear idea about what they want to do at university. Universities usually base their admission quotas on just 3 A-levels, so it makes sense for students to focus their study time on a few subjects.

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There are several institutions in the UK that offer international students the opportunity A-levels, check out some of P'Peachii's review videos in this article. Studying just a few subjects at A-levels allows you to focus more on the subjects most important to you, and not waste time studying subjects you don't like, or are no good at.

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But you need to be careful when choosing the few subjects you will study at A-level, and keep in mind what you would like to study at uni. Some uni courses will require that you have studied certain subjects at A-level, or will certainly prefer subjects that are related to the course.

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Now, obviously if you want to study Maths at uni, you should study Maths at A-level; and if you want to study History at uni, you should study History; but what about subjects like Medicine and Law, which don't have specific A-level equivalent? 

Well, here's Bellerby's handy guide for which subjects are best...

Architecture BA or BSc

• Mathematics

• Physics

• Art

Physical Engineering BEng or MEng

• Mathematics

• Further Mathematics

• Physics

• Economics (optional 4th subject)

Chemical Engineering BEng or MEng

• Mathematics

• Chemistry

• Physics or Further Mathematics


At least one essay-based subject, such as:

• History

• English Literature

• Government & Politics

• Economics

Also recommended:

• Mathematics or Science

Medicine MBBS or BMBS

• Chemistry (essential)

• Biology

• Mathematics

Useful 4th subject:

• Physics or Psychology

Actuarial Science BSc

• Mathematics

• Further Mathematics

• Physics

If your desired uni subject is not on this list and you're unsure about what A-level subjects to take, get a free consultation from us.

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