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icon-time 21 August 2019
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“Studying Abroad”

The goal that many have dreamed of, but gave up before they even started is because of the rumours of the difficulty of the English language or how hard it is adapting yourself abroad. (I mean, how hard can it be?) But all these worries will go away, if you understand that life is a classroom. And one of the best ways to learn is learning from those who have succeeded in the past!

That’s why today we’ve got stories of experiences from 4 Youtubers that have studied abroad with GoUni to tell you!

“Speaking better English because you actually have the chance to use it!” - MayyR

Starting with our bright and hilarious Beauty Blogger like “MayyR” (Youtube Channel: Mayy R) through her journey of her “General English” course at University of The Arts London (UAL), one of the well-known Art universities in London. With the soothing interior of the study buildings with about 10 students of different nationalities per class. MayyR performed activities in different classes, whether it’s going to the gallery and choosing your favourite art piece and presenting it back in class. Or even brainstorming activities in groups.

Which was designed to help her and her classmates to practice speaking English with one another. And with the number of people per class, you can be assured that it will be a quality class that you’ll be thoroughly cared for by the instructors. Other than that, if you come and study English at UAL, you can also apply for other short courses like drawing and photography too!

Note: For studying at UAL, you must be at a 'Pre-Intermediate’ language level.

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“I’ve made new friends and also the chance to practice and opening doors to new experiences. Nevertheless, getting the chance to travel around. Packed with events and also packed with friends.” – Fah Sarika

The next person is “Fah” (Youtube Channel: Fah sarika). Another Beauty Blogger that wants to study abroad to develop herself and with the help of her fairy godmother a.k.a. our “GoUni Specialists” which helped Fah to study in Bell London for 4 weeks and another 3 weeks at Bell Cambridge in the Effective English course (General English) through her atmospheric videos where she meets her classmates whom are filled with joy and activities to hangout after school which encouraged her to communicate with others in English. Including the freedom of choice in clothing, where she can dress up and go to class with the concept “Because everyday is a new day on the runway”. As well as going on field trips into the city. I would say that it’s a language learning course that is well worth the experience.

Note: For studying at Bell London, you must be at a 'Pre-Intermediate’ language level. As for studying at Bell Cambridge, you must be at a 'Elementary’ language level.

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“To be honest, I already know some English. But didn't dare to speak it back in Thailand” Bew Varaporn

Followed by ‘Bew’ (Youtube Channel: Bew Varaporn). The poker face, funny Beauty Blogger, with her review of studying her 4-week “Effective English” (General English) course at Bell London. Beginning her sentence with “The teacher is so handsome!”

But of course, she’s not just fooling around, Bew came to study in the UK to increase her confidence and force herself to live in an environment where everything is in English. She believed that she would surely benefit from listening skills with a mission to wake up early to add meaning to life. Bew’s stunning opening started when she told her instructor at Bell London with the sentence “To be honest, I already know some English. But didn't dare to speak it back in Thailand”. And due to her diligent and determination, Bew finally got what she came for, her 'Confidence'.

Note: For studying at Bell London, you must be at a 'Pre-Intermediate’ language level.

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"Interesting class, here’s 5 stars!" - Boom Tharis

Ending with 'Boom' (Youtube Channel: BoomTharis), the handsome guy who studied at The London School of English in the “Individual Training”, the “Accent Training and Pronunciation” course.

Hourly course for those who can speak and communicate, but want to improve their English pronunciation. In this interesting and instructional one-on-one class, Boom learns that training to pronounce correctly doesn't depend solely on pronunciation. It is necessary to use all muscles in the body to perform gestures. Therefore, if you want to pronounce the 'British' accent, you should also move your body in a British-style too!

Note: For studying at The London School of English, you must be at a 'Higher Intermediate’ language level.

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If you’ve read up to hear and you feel like you want to go ahead with it. I must say that language classes are categorised into learning levels according to the leaners’ English skill. Which will be tested through an online system before leaving to study abroad.

This is to measure the language level of the learners and choose the appropriate class for them. But for those who feel that their language skill is not at all at the 'Beginner' level, don’t worry, you can also come study here. Come along and consult with our GoUni specialist to choose the right school for you.

If you’re interested or have any queries, you can contact us through. Line: @gounithailand or Facebook: gouni.th  Or just give us a call at 021634620!

"One of the best learning methods is to learn from the successes of the people who have been through it.” And of course, you have to give yourself the opportunity to do it too!

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