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De Monfort University is a perfect combination of heritage and modern buildings. It's located in the heart of Leicester, only 5 mins from town, and 1 hour from London. Leicester has a cheap cost of living, not only the accommodation and other expenses, but also the tuition fee! 😊 And it has everything you need.


De Montfort is famous for Arts & Design studies but also has many other great study options for you to choose. 😆

Workshop Studio

The workshop studio is huge. It's for students to do their work, get some ideas, brainstorm, etc. One of the cool things about De Montfort is they specialise in teaching underwear and swimsuit design. They have even designed underwear for the British royal family.

Inner Design
Inner Design 2

Through its #DMUglobal programme, De Montfort encourages students to study abroad and provides language classes, such as Mandarin, French, Spanish, Arabic, etc. The university pays up to half the costs for students to travel abroad for exchange programmes, work experience, volunteering opportunities and much more.

Dmu Global

If you don't want to go abroad, that's fine too! There are also language classes available on campus. 😆

Now, let's talk about the library. It may not seem like anything special, but it really does have everything you might need. They even provide blankets for students in the winter!


The library is open 24/7 during the exam period, and they also provide tea, coffee, and other snacks for free. 😉 

As an example of De Montfort's combination of heritage and modernity, take a look how they have transformed a castle into a business school - Leicester Castle Business School. 😉 

Leicester Castle Business School

Look how amazing the view of student accommodation is...

Accommodation Dmu

When it comes to accommodation there are many options in terms of the size of the room and living facilities provided. The dorm is so close to the campus you can virtually roll out of bed into your lectures. 😆 It's cheap, just £100-160 per week.

Another thing we just have to mention is the university canteen. There are so many choices. Just take a look at this pizza they make freshly just for you, with your choice of up to 3 additional toppings! 😂


Ps. There aren't only Arts & Design studies at De Montfort, there are also other subjects such as Business & Finance, Computing, Engineering & Media.

***Scholarships are available! 😊

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