✨ GoUni’s debut with PEACHII ✨

icon-time 05 August 2019
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“A key to a new world”

Every morning, awakening up to the sound of the neighbour, Aunty Toy scolding at her niece. There may be a moment thinking of escaping from here. What would it be like? If only there was a “magical key” that could open any door to the wide world.

‘GoUni’ is the locksmith that would help in welding and forming your magical key to be strong yet flexible to be able to open any door. In the form of “study abroad” 

consultant which will help you through all the steps, from the choosing an academy, document checking, through to accommodation booking. We even have an induction day where you can meet new friends who’s beginning the same journey as you. As for our target group, whether you’re studying in secondary school, undergraduate degree, postgraduate degree or even PhD, we are here to support you throughout offering both short-term and long-term courses to suit your needs. This is for you to receive your “magical key” that will help improve your quality of life, preparing you for the open world and meeting new people. This magical key is called “Experience through English”.


“Thousands of solutions for hundreds of people”

I must say that GoUni started as a concept of offering advice to students, sincerely like a part of your family. “Peach – Pitchaya Chaychana” or more commonly known as “Peachii” (#stephenoppa the symbol of authentication) one of the founders of the company told us

“We don’t see ourselves as an agency but rather as an older sister or brother which are here to give you advice. We don’t just just help prepare the documents and that’s it. We are more than that, we are like a family. Each individual student has different needs and of course, the place they’re going must be tailored specifically to them.

Let’s say that a hundred students come with a hundred of problems. That’s is why we have to prepare thousands of solutions just in case. Including the opportunity for the students or parents to see the real teaching and learning atmosphere. What it is really like living abroad through videos or even through events with alumni sharing their experience of that institute. So that our students can see all the aspects of studying abroad before actually starting school through a marketing model which Peach defined as “straight forward marketing”
Gouni Content Aug19 001

“Reborn in the heart of the city”

GoUni reinforces the success with the official opening of the new office in Thailand at ‘3rd Floor, RSU Tower, Sukhumvit 31’. Debuting in a new location in the heart of Bangkok, which will facilitate the student and parents coming in for advice more easily. Whether it’s travelling by BTS from Phrom Phong, MRT Sukhumvit or private cars, you are always welcomed.

“After we opening, we have received brilliant feedback. Many thanks to all of our students and their parents for putting their trust in us. We wanted to have a space that could facilitate our students and their parents, an area where we could have workshop events. Frequently providing information and knowledge to our students throughout the year and also organizing activities for our students to get to know one another.”

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“The future of GoUni” 

“GoUni was established in England, our first office was in London, mainly focusing on studying in UK. However, we’re now expanding with a bigger team and more partners. For students who are interested in studying English abroad in other countries we also now offer countries like US, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand. And because we have a student base that trusts in our service, we’ve expanded quickly in other countries as well. In the future, there are plans of expansion in other provinces in Thailand and neighbouring countries.” Peach said proudly with the sense of an Inner Mother coming out, in her bright yellow Monday suit.

“Having said that, no matter how far we expand our market, we will try to maintain the core structure of GoUni’s ‘family’ regardlessly”


“The happiness from creating GoUni”

“Every time I hear my students’ stories, the new things they’re experiencing, new friends, new things they’ve learnt. From the moment they started where we help push them towards their goals, with some students having to go through several exam sittings until they pass. To the moment we see them graduated and in their graduation gowns, some of them even continue to work in England afterwards. Seeing generations by generations passing through and that is the happiness I receive from creating GoUni.” Peach mentioned delightedly.

I can guarantee that every member of theGoUni team passionately driven with consideration of the best outcome for our students’ future. Other than that, GoUni now has offices in two countries, both in Thailand and England, in the heart of London. Which means GoUni’s able to contact the institutions and students directly and safely, so that you won’t be left to feel adrift.
Gouni001 Peachii And Management Team

Lastly, here’s a space for Peach to say

“It’s a really tiring job but it’s also the most rewarding job in the world at the same time, helping another person improve their quality of life.” 

If you have read until here and are interested in studying abroad, please feel free to consult us through Line: “@gounithailand” or Facebook: “Gouni.th” Or if you want an instant response, just give us a call at 021634620!

Say good bye to your neighbour, Aunty Toy and go explore the open world with GoUni!