✨ New Analysis of Expected Earnings Based on Degree Course ✨

icon-time 08 January 2019
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Last year we shared some figures
 on how much you can expect to earn graduating with certain degrees in the UK. Recently, a new report carried out by a UK think tank called Onward has done a new analysis on expected earnings by graduates. The main focus of the reports is analysing the UK student loan system and providing recommended changes, but that wouldn't affect international students, so we're just focusing on the analysis of graduate earnings contained within it.

Broadly the findings are consistent with the figures we previously shared, but these are more up to date and have a slightly different breakdown of subjects.

This first table shows average earnings 1, 3, 5 and 10 years after graduation by subject.

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This next table shows expected lifetime-earnings increase by gender based on subject studied, compared with if similar students did not go to university. It suggests that a university education is much more advantageous to women, and that some men doing arts subjects would be better off if they had not attended university.

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