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icon-time 21 January 2019
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Since 2007, International House London has been situated in Covent Garden in purpose-built premises. It is the largest single-site language school in London. Each year International House London educates 8,000 students from over 150 countries.

Reasons to choose IH London

  • Did you know ?  BBC reports London is the best city in the world for students
  • The largest IELTS test centres in Europe. Other schools send their students to us to sit their Exams.
  • Central London Location - Everything London has to offer can be reached from our front door
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  • IH London teaches across full learning journey General English/ English for IELTS, Professional learners, Teacher training. Our broad range of experience means we are with you every step of your learning journey.
  • Facilities ! Nine floors with a full library,  computer resource centre, 53 fully-equipped large airy classrooms, an onsite café and a full floor dedicated to professional learners complete with executive lounge.
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Want to know more about IH London?

  • Let's have a look at IH London's accommodation which is safe and looks very nice. Even studying here on your own is not a problem. 👇
  • Also see what the classrooms look like, and where exactly the school is located in. It's so easy to get there! 

In July 2018, the English Language Gazette named IH London the best value English Language School in Central London (which it also considered to be the best value location to study in the UK). IH London's impeccable British Council inspection results placed it ahead of many more expensive schools and far exceeded the results of other schools in the same price bracket.

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Get in touch with us for more information at:
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Tel: +44 (0) 20 3735 7100
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