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If you’re looking for something a bit different from your usual university experience, it’s worth checking out Liverpool. With more to offer than your campuses and student unions, the city is a great place for students studying in all areas of academic life to settle in and focus on achieving their degree. We’ve listed below seven reasons why we think this could be the best place for you to study this September

1.It’s Student Friendly

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With two major universities including numerous colleges and the famous Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. The city is filled with students everywhere you go. You’ll be sure to bump in to some fresh faces on every night out during your time here.

2. The Culture

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Famous for the Beatles, Liverpool has a lot to offer when it comes to culture. You can head to many a music venue to listen to some live music ranging from the most in demand musicians, to up and coming artists. The city is known for its laid back way of life and has cultural interests to meet all needs, the Tate Modern and the two Cathedrals to name a few, you’ll never get bored of looking around.

3. The Nightlife

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Known for its vibrant nightlife, there are bars galore from concert square all the way to the cavern quarter, offering nightlife for all tastes. The majority of the student bars are within walking distance of each other as well, so there’s no need to spend money on countless Ubers or taxis.

4. The people

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Liverpudlians (aka Scousers) are known for their easy going attitude. They’ll always be open for a chat and will make your time in the city a memorable one. Famous for the scouse accent you will be picking up the slang in no time.

5. The History

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Wherever you go in Liverpool you’ll be able to take in the history of the place. Areas such as the Albert Dock, the easily recognisable Liver Buildings and the Bombed out Church are some of the iconic landmarks to check out. You can take time throughout the year to take in more of the 800+ years history of this city.

6. The Food!

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There are so many places that you can eat in Liverpool depending on what you fancy! Looking for something spicy, sweet or vegan? The city has it all with a lot of places offering student discounts as well. Also famous for its own traditional dish ‘Scouse’ make sure to grab a bowl.

7. Its undying love for football

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You’ll need to pick a side when you’re here. With two major rivals in the premier league competing to be top dog in the city. Which team will you be supporting, Liverpool or Everton?

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