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About Bath

Bath is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its majestic 18th Century architecture and beautifully preserved Roman Baths.


For 2000 years, Bath’s natural hot springs have drawn travellers across the rolling green countryside to a city of honey-gold stone. Today, its graceful terraces and crescents make this one of Britain’s loveliest cities. And if you want to go to a bigger city for shopping or a night out, Bristol is just 12 minutes away on the train.

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Isn't it a lovely city? If you want to study somewhere surrounded by this atmosphere, We'd like to recommend...

Kaplan International English, Bath

 Why Bath?

  • Only 1.5 hours from London, and close to Bristol
  • Not many Thai students
  • Our Bath English school is in a historic building just steps away from the medieval abbey.
  • Our school provides a supportive, friendly learning environment close to the cafes, shops and restaurants of the city centre.
  • Well established (having first opened 80 years ago)
  • There are student activities every week.

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Bath Kaplan

You can take English courses from 4 weeks, up to 47 weeks.

  • FLEXIBLE ENGLISH COURSES - Improve your general English skills in your own time frame

  • BUSINESS ENGLISH COURSES - Improve your level of English as well as learning vocabulary that will help you in a professional environment with our accredited Business English courses
  • EXAM PREPARATION COURSES - Courses designed to improve your English and your chances at achieving higher test scores
  • TEACHERS' COURSES - You will benefit from customised programs aimed at improving your teaching skills through the practice of teaching English.

Watch GoUni's Prachii' ft. Kaplan Bath video to find out more about the school and the city! 👇

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