✨ What's the Difference Between Pre-Master and Pre-Sessional Courses? ✨

icon-time 24 March 2019
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Some of you might already know that before you start doing a Master's in the UK, you might have to take a preparatory course if you don't meet a uni's requirements. There are 2 different courses we'd like to tell you about... 😉


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This course is suitable for you:

  1. If your GPA doesn't meet the requirement, but want to study at a top    university./If you want to improve your skills before starting a Master's    degree.

  2. If you want to study a Master's course that's not closely related to the    subject of your Bachelor's degree, and you want to learn more about the    subject first. (not available for some subjects)

You'll have to study basic modules in the subject you want to do as well as studying academic English, and pass a test before you can study the Master's at their university.

These courses take between 3-9 months depending on your English level. You'll have to study the subject you want to do in Master's, academic English and thesis writing. You have to meet their requirement before you can study a Master's at the university.

The advantages and the reasons why you should choose a Pre-Master

1. You want to study at a top university, but your GPA doesn't meet the requirement.

2. To help you adapt to studying a Master's.

3. You can start the course in January, April, July, or October. The minimum length is only 3 months.


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This course is suitable if you have already been accepted by a university, but your English doesn't meet their requirement, so you have to study English more.

You'll have to take an exam after you finish your course to see if you can meet the requirement, then you can start your Master's course. In pre-sessional courses, you'll study academic English, which focuses on reading, report writing, and presentations.

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