5 British films to watch for different British accents!

icon-time 19 September 2016
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British accent is universally adored by many people. Of course, it does sound very poshmysterioussexy and high class. But did you know that there are over 20 accents across the United Kingdom?

The most common accent we hear is from the BBC, which is called "RP" or "Received Pronunciation". But there is also plenty of other accents that we, as international people haven't heard much. There are Geordie, Cockney, Irish, Scottish, Welsh accent etc.

We have picked 5 British films to watch for those of you who are keen of learning different accents in the UK. Here you go!:

Braveheart (1995): Scottish accent


In Bruges (2008): Irish accent


Love actually (2003): Many British accents


Billy Elliot (2000): Geordie accent


Legend (2015): Cockney accent


Remember that listening and speaking are the most effective way to learn a language. Indeed watching films in English is definitely one of the best options to be fluent in English and to sound like a native speaker. Hope you enjoy these films that we listed <3<3