Is it impossible to find a job in the UK after graduation?"NO"

icon-time 31 January 2017
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Some people dream of working in the UK after graduation, but are discouraged by so many factors. Though it is not an easy thing to do, it is definitely not impossible! In today's GoUni blog, we are giving out some information regarding working in the UK for all ambitious bird out there! 🤘🏼😊


You can do it! 😆

It is a difficult task, that is why you need a right strategy to plan out your career goal. According to GoUni's 277 sample questionnaires, the top three reasons why international students can't get a job in the UK are:

  • No work found for Tier 2 (5%)
  • Can not pass the job application stage and interview (6%)
  • Application takes too long, the process to take the visa to expire (17.2%)
  • Other reasons (7%)

Less than 2% of international students successfully obtained a work permit each year, and this is all the international students, including the United States, Canada.


But don't be panic from this number! The percentage seems low, but if you think about it, 2 % is better than 0%. That means you still have the shot.


In order for the companies to accept international employees, they need to obtain the license to sponsor international people with the Tier 2 and Tier 5 visa.

What is Tier 2? 💜

The visa issued for a skilled job in the UK (last up to 3 years)


What is Tier 5? 💛

The visa issued for people who come to the UK for a short time for work experience or to do training. (Between 1-2 years)


However, in the United Kingdom, there are many organisations and companies that are qualified to issue TIER2 and Tier5. The number is raising every day, and is currently 29,575 companies in total. That means that the opportunity to find a job is still possible.

Quick tips on how to successfully find a job in the UK 😀

Make sure your work experience is linked to job search objectives

Most organisations usually want candidates who have relevant working experiences in the job you're applying for. If you don't, don't forget to add that you are "willing" to learn new things.

Know what your strengths are and sell it to the employer!

Use your "foreign" point to accentuate your CV

Remember that not everyone knows the things that you know, for example: your language.

🎉 If working in the UK is your dream, give GoUni a shout and we can help you with our "Career Service"

Best of luck <3 😇