✨ British Food That's Not What It Sounds Like ✨

icon-time 06 February 2018
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Black Pudding 🍮

What you might think...

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...but it's actually a blood-sausage made with fat, pork blood and oatmeal. 

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It sounds terrible, I know, but really it's not that bad.

Spotted Dick

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I don't know what you might have thought, but it's really just a kind of sweet pudding with dried fruit in.

Toad in the Hole 🐸

What you might think...

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But it's actually...

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Absolutely nothing to do with toads. It's sausages in Yorkshire pudding... which is actually.

Rice cake 🍰

What you might think...

ผลการค้นหารูปภาพสำหรับ plain cake

But it's actually...

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It's not really a British food, but it has become more popular in recent years perceived as a healthier alternative to crisps. It's definitely more like a crisp than  a cake.

Blue cheese 🧀

What you might think...

blue cheese

What it actually is...

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The cheese is not actually blue, but it does have some blue/green bits of mould on. This is sort of like the British equivalent of pla ra! It may seem like it's gone off, but it is perfectly safe to eat. There are many varieties, but Blue Stilton is the most famous kind in the UK.

Fish fingers

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This may not be so confusing as fish obviously don't have fingers, but just in case you thought it was fish fins or something, it's actually fish squashed into a cuboid shape in breadcrumbs.

Bubble and squeak

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There are no bubbles or mice! It's a fried vegetable patty made from the leftovers of a roast dinner (usually potato, cabbage, carrots and peas). Its name comes from how cabbage bubbles and squeaks when fried. 

Shortbread 🍞🥖

What you might think...

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What it actually is...

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It's a plain, hard, buttery biscuit associated with Scotland. Certainly not bread!

Shepherd's pie 🥧

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It's not what you'd naturally think of as a pie, as it doesn't have pastry. It's minced lamb with chopped vegetables with a mashed potato topping, baked in a tray.

Custard Cream 

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It's a plain sweet biscuit which contains absolutely no custard or cream.

Welsh Rarebit 🐰

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It's cheese on toast. No bunny-rabbits are harmed in the making!

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Have a good day 😝